Testing of metals

We need help with different methods for the characterization of pieces of metal that we don’t know the exact content of. We are bringing in metals from various sources, melt them and then sell the metal. The metal will be used for various consumer products (details in clothes, jewelry) so key is that the metal doesn’t contain anything that is harmful to humans. We are a non-profit organization working against armed violence.

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January 2, 2017

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1 thought on “Testing of metals”

  1. I assume it is weapons that you are melting? If you are looking for value of the metals itself, the tough hardened steal that the key parts of weapons have a very low value (0.1 USD/kg). The cartridges brass, however, is significantly more valuable (and a widely traded commodity from for instance Iraq and Syria). It is used in most productions of brass. The problem here is that it contains 2-3% lead, and should not be used in applications with direct body contact or contact with for instance drinking water. I understand this is not answering your direct question, but maybe helps a bit. Good luck!

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