The Enodo platform is an opportunity for actors aligned with the Global Goals agenda to engage with the global natural science research community, and for researchers to get an understanding of the specific challenges that exist on the ground.

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Private company April 7, 2017

In the DRC, the mining of cobalt is wreaking havoc in the country. It is home to more than half the world’s reserve, and could have been a large source of income. Instead, its mining is done by children (an estimated more than 300,000) and the proceeds fuel the ongoing conflicts. Cobalt is used in … Continue reading “Cobalt”

Testing of metals

CSO January 2, 2017

We need help with different methods for the characterization of pieces of metal that we don’t know the exact content of. We are bringing in metals from various sources, melt them and then sell the metal. The metal will be used for various consumer products (details in clothes, jewelry) so key is that the metal … Continue reading “Testing of metals”

Saline resistant crops

CSO January 2, 2017

In flooding prone areas (such as in Bangladesh) you need saline-resistant crops. Currently, we have access to a lot of saline-resistant rice crops, but we need to diversity (both from a nutrition and an economic perspective)! So we need to help to learn about saline-resistant crops other than rice, but also trees to help against … Continue reading “Saline resistant crops”

Green peacekeeping

International organization December 14, 2016

We are looking into all kinds of ways that can make peacekeeping and refugee accommodation greener: (in areas such as human waste, energy production). It is not only an environmental issue, the environmental degradation in itself makes the peacekeeping hard. We are open for discussions about possible solutions.

Assessing refugee credentials

CSO December 14, 2016

If you left a war zone – for example Syria – you couldn’t bring your high-school diploma. How can you assess their credentials without contacting the school? Block-chain? To be able to integrate refugees in their new countries, we need a method to revalidate their credentials quickly. What you need is an international Bach based … Continue reading “Assessing refugee credentials”

Rust elimination

Private company December 14, 2016

We are a social company based in Nigeria. We employ women to make products out of hyacinths. A well-known problem on our hands is that water hyacinth tends to cause metal to rust. Not in all cases but in quite a good number. Where it makes sense, we wrap the metal with tape to provide … Continue reading “Rust elimination”

Mobile tracking of people

CSO December 14, 2016

We need to find out what people are doing when a hurricane is approaching  – where do they move, who do they call. We need to collect data to find what areas need the most support. This both to know where people need support, but also to be able to evaluate our responses. Our assumption is that a … Continue reading “Mobile tracking of people”

To replace sand in building materials

Private company December 14, 2016

To find alternatives to the useage of “good sand” in concrete. Good sand originally comes from degradation of mountains/stones. We need something from a more (in time) convenient source. Also to stop taking it from below water.